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308-Natural Remedy Of small cola to Enlarge the Penis


Use Bitter cola for penis enlargement. Use the little wall cola, dry and well crushed. Add the roots of dry red Jatropha curcas.

Having a small size of the penis is not always been easy to deal with. Maybe you are indeed looking for a natural way to enlarge your penis. Here is a natural remedy based on small cola to enlarge the penis that might interest you. But first, we will briefly tell you about the benefits of little cola. Follow us to discover in this article the Natural remedy based on small cola to enlarge the penis

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How to use little cola to lose weight?

What is little cola?: Use Bitter cola for penis enlargement.

What is little cola?

Cola nuts

Garcinia cola also called “little cola” is a small nut that grows in West Africa, in Benin as well as in Cameroon. The benefits of little cola are indeed several on health. It is also a very popular fruit for the role it plays in the body. Thus the frequent consumption of the small-cola nut makes it possible to fight against several diseases. Among these diseases, we can cite stomach wounds and curable wounds.

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Recipe based on petit cola to guarantee good health and longevity

Moringa + small cola: the combination to treat sexual weakness linked to diabetes The drink you need to last in bed Kola nut is also used in combination with other plants or products such as garlic, lemon, and shea butter to treat certain diseases. This nut also helps treat lower back pain, nerve problems, dislocations, blood diseases (sickle cell disease, diabetes, etc.) and strengthens the immune system. It also relieves cancer, and high blood pressure and then it regulates sugar levels. 

How to Use Garlic to Enlarge Buttocks: Use Bitter cola for penis enlargement.

The virtues of little cola on the sexual level From a gynaecological point of view, in women, petit cola contributes to the treatment of ovarian cysts, fibroids, blocked tubes, and even painful periods. In men, it helps maintain physical endurance thanks to its caffeine content. It tones virility and gives vigour to men suffering from sexual problems.

Natural remedy based on small cola to enlarge the penis

Ingredient: Use small cola for penis enlargement

little cola

Shea Butter

The root of Jatropha curcas RED

Preparation: You need to use the little wall cola, dry and well crushed. Add the roots of dry red Jatropha curcas. Mix everything with pure shea butter (without water) and rub gently on the intimate part to lengthen it

Stop using as soon as you notice an elongation of the virile member or after obtaining the desired size. It can go beyond three weeks to get a significant result. For a ready-to-use product, send us a message by clicking on the Whatsapp button below


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Dry bitter kola

Shea butter

Pound dry bitter kola to powder, mix it with original Shea butter and use it to massage your manhood.
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