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African Medicine is an organic health center. It’s about health through plants and natural methods

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African Medicine

EWEBIO SANTE BIO is a center for natural medicine and Human Development which trains, informs, advises, directs and heals. We are and will always be at your disposal for all your physical, mental and spiritual health problems. You can trust us and we will make sure you are not disappointed. Don’t be afraid of our herbal teas. All herbs used are for scientifically proven use. The remedies are used in well-studied doses. The recommended recipes are all confirmed recipes and we will help you find the plants locally by giving you, as far as possible, the names in your local language (Wolof, Bambara, Baoulé, Yorouba,, Fon, Fan, Minan, etc.). We can also send you inexpensively plants and products that you cannot find locally.

Discover the list of herbal teas Objectives of the EWEBIO SANTE BIO center

The main concern of the EWEBIO SANTE BIO African Medicine center is to get everyone to know a minimum of plants and products for their needs and those of those around them. But not to become a healer or traditional healer because African medicine is both science and art, and no one can really learn it without physical contact on a site or in a document. There is a little something that comes through physical contact that no one can get from a distance. It’s not to put you off, it’s the truth. I was lucky enough to be initiated very early on to this wonderful science by my late father Zougnon Houssou who was in his time a great healer (Peace to his soul). Pray for him because God healed many sick people and saved a lot of life through its channel. I am proud of his heritage.

Discover the list of herbal teas

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