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084-Hypochondria: Definition Causes Symptoms Treatment Hypochondria

Hypochondria Natural treatment to save a hypochondriac. This mental disorder creates anxiety and fear in the patient.

How to deal with an almost imaginary patient? Here is how to overcome fear and get out of this hypochondriac situation?

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Hypochondria Natural treatment

What is Hypochondria? Hypochondria Natural treatment

Hypochondria is a state of anxiety, of excessive worry about one’s own state of health to the point of causing chronic anxiety and disrupting daily life. It is a behavioural disorder associated with fear and the feeling of believing that you are sick. But, what hypochondria treatment for someone who mistakenly thinks they are sick? the diagnosis reveals nothing. The being who suffers from hypochondria is a hypochondriac. He is in a permanent state of illness without really being so. hypochondria arises from a misinterpretation of physical symptoms. This condition is quite deleterious for the patient when it lasts over time. To talk about hypochondria, the condition must be persistent for at least 6 months. In addition, it must modify the usual behaviour of the individual.

Causes of hypochondria: Hypochondria Natural treatment

Hypochondria is often associated with an event experienced as traumatic for the patient. These events can be different from one person to another. What matters here will be how the patient interprets them. However, there are predispositions and risk factors such as:

  • A relative, a relative, an acquaintance died of an illness;
    Love disappointment
    Victim of betrayal
    Repeat failure
    Pimples, spots or marks appear on the patient’s body;
    Drug abuse (alcohol, drugs, tobacco, etc.)
    bad life encounter
    Having been raised by anxious parents

What form does hypochondria take: Hypochondria Natural treatment

In a way, the patient is trapped alone in his thoughts. He will think he is ill, even if clinical examinations confirm the absence of pathology. The important thing is to understand that a hypochondriac patient is really sick. He feels the disease within himself, even though it has no somatic substrates, visible and tangible marks. These patients are in pain, and telling them they have nothing is no solution.

Hypochondriac disorders, or “excessive fear of having a disease” can be of two types according to the DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Version 5):

type of care request: the patient frequently seeks medical visits, health examinations and any other health care. The patient expects medical supervision and attention, even if he does not recognize his hypochondria himself.
type avoiding care: medical care will rarely be sought and used in this type. What the patient is looking for is ultimately support and listening to their discomfort.

Manifestations or Risk factors:

In the most severe forms, the hypochondriac itself causes its symptoms without realizing it. It is often the consequence of chronic anxiety: dizziness, chest tightness, lump in the throat. Anxiety attacks and panic attacks are the extreme forms of the disease. Hypochondriacs are extremely anxious about their health. They regularly examine their bodies to make sure that no disease, mark or infection has occurred since their last check. Or they can (second type) believe they are sickRemedy 039:Sickle cell disease, Sickle cell anaemia, natural treatment while avoiding a medical check-up.

Who is a Hypochondriac? Treatment For Hypochondriac

Their concerns have been present for at least 6 months, however, the subject of their obsession (the supposed illness) may be different. So, in a short period of time they may fear that they will have cancer, then skin disease, then severe disease.
Finally, the condition of the patients must not be able to be explained by another mental or physical pathology (even if they can however coexist) such as:

  • Panic attacks;
    Generalized anxiety;
    Obsession with body dysmorphia;
    OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder);
    Delusional disorders;
    A somatic disease in its own right.
    Hypochondria Treatment Remedy for a HypochondriacNeurotic or anxious hypochondria can be treated. There is hypochondria treatment to help overcome the fear of the disease. A follow-up by a mental health professional is necessary. However, a third of patients will stay in this hypochondriac zone their entire life.

Different means (hypochondria treatment) can be used to help these suffering patients:

Psychoanalysis, or psychoanalytically oriented therapy: during these therapies, the patient and the professional will go to investigate often distant periods in the patient’s life. Through this path, they can together try to understand why the event that caused hypochondria was experienced as traumatic.
Cognitive-behavioural therapy: faster than the first and structured in a different way. The patient and the professional will try to observe how the patient’s behaviours have been changed by the disease, and then they will try to change the problematic or disabling behaviours.
Hypochondria Treatment: Medicines or Herbal Teas for a Hypochondriac

In addition, hypochondriac disorder is often associated with anxiety disorders, so drug treatment may be necessary. However, the latter is not always mandatory. Indeed, psychic or physical support can often replace an anxiolytic.

Finally, the National Health Service gives some recommendations regarding the management of hypochondria:

Keep a journal in which to record searches for marks on the body, then seek advice from a third party, finally reduce the frequency of checks;
Make a health concern chart, noting the problem on the one hand and the possible explanation on the other (“my head hurts” and “the headache may be due to anxiety”);
When the urge to check arises, distract yourself with another occupation such as sports, walking, drawing, or any other activity;
Try to resume activities that had been abandoned because of fears about his health;
Relax as much as possible, especially when the urge to check or anxiety arises.

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