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143-Want to Get Pregnant: How to Promote Pregnancy?

How To Promote Pregnancy? Here’s How to Get Pregnant Faster. see here tips and tricks to get pregnant naturally.

With these simple tips and tricks, you will get pregnant quickly and start a family of your own. In this article, you’ll find the 15 most important things you can do to help get pregnant, and other important information about planning to have a baby.

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Want to Get Pregnant: How to Promote Pregnancy?

You must be old enough to become pregnant before deciding to have a child. You are of legal age and you are wondering how to promote pregnancy. However, wanting a baby is not enough, and you will need a man to father your baby. You are old enough and a husband, yet the baby has not come. Then you have come to the best place to achieve this noble goal. But remember that very few women get pregnant during their first cycle. Some women will get pregnant more easily than others. No problem, the following fifteen tips will help those who are still wondering how to promote pregnancy.

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If you want to get pregnant and that is fine, first of all, a man’s age, not to mention good sexual health. There is ovulation, the quality of cervical mucus, the quality of menstruation without forgetting the patency of the fallopian tubes. You need to see a gynaecologist if the baby does not come in the first two years of research. The following tips will help you. However, they do not replace the advice of the doctor. The doctor will help you resolve the question How to Promote Pregnancy?

How can I get pregnant quickly?

To get pregnant quickly, you need to know your cycle and determine the fertile period and determine the D-day of ovulation. Is the cycle regular? What is the exact length of my period cycle? How to calculate or forecast your fertile days? What is the date of ovulation? How to increase your chances of having a baby quickly? So the most important tip for getting pregnant quickly is to watch your cycle and get to know it (again).

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1. Get to Know Are Cycle: Exercise Cycle

What is an exercise cycle to get pregnant? A pregnancy exercise cycle is when contraception has stopped and a couple is trying to have a baby.

So take your time to decide on the right time to have a baby. A one-year waiting period for observation is normal. So, if, despite sufficient effort and healthy behaviour, pregnancy has not yet taken place after twelve exercise cycles, it is time to examine the causes and fertility of both partners under the guidance of a doctor.

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2. The Fertile Days and the Right Time: determining and forecasting the fertile period

Watch your body. Measure your body temperature regularly. Monitor your cervical mucus to better predict your fertile days. Because you won’t get pregnant until around your ovulation. During the fertile period, having sex regularly (every day or every other day) will increase your chances of having a baby. The probability of fertilization is 20-30% per cycle. An anovulation calendar can also help you calculate your fertile days.

The right time is therefore important if you want to get pregnant quickly. But it is not enough to predict the fertile days and plan sex accordingly. If you want to have a baby, you and your partner must ensure optimal “reproductive conditions”. Advice to promote pregnancy is therefore also health advice.

How To Promote Pregnancy? Tips for Getting Pregnant

3. A healthy and balanced diet

The list of foods that improve fertility is long. Broccoli, thanks to its glucosinolate content, ensures a good balance between the female hormones estrogen and progesterone. Buckwheat also promotes fertility thanks to its high content of zinc and magnesium. Onions, garlic, cloves purify the uterus and unblock the tubes. These foods also contain antioxidants that promote blood circulation and thus help you get pregnant faster. Olive oil is rich in fertility vitamin E. Lemon will be useful to you because of its richness in vitamin C

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4. Take folic acid or Vitamin B9

Folic acid is essential for women of childbearing age. This precious vitamin participates in the good progress of the menstrual cycle, consequently, also in that of ovulation and conception … The only problem: women of childbearing age do not consume enough. However, vitamin B9 promotes the formation and division of cells, which is necessary for the development of your future baby. Although folic acid, as it is called in its natural form, is found in vegetables (broccoli, tomatoes and asparagus) and whole foods, it is recommended that you take folic acid as a dietary supplement, especially if you want to get pregnant quickly. Indeed, food supplements provide a good dose of vitamin B9. Thus, a complex comprising this folic acid, as well as other vitamins and minerals that are conducive to stimulating fertility and your immune system will be beneficial.

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5. Stop smoking and alcohol consumption

The consumption of cigarettes and alcohol has a negative effect on reproduction. Both reduce fertility – for both women and men, and you should quit smoking and drinking alcohol if you are having conception concerns. But a baby is a good motivation to finally quit smoking

6. How To Promote Pregnancy? Exercise more

Exercise activates blood circulation. Walking stimulates ovulation. You should then exercise a little more. Unfortunately, in our daily life, there is a lack of movement. Yet the list of positive effects of regular exercise is long.

7. Healthy body weight

If you are obese, walking and eating a healthy diet will help at a reasonable weight. Indeed, too important a bodyweight can be a danger for the pregnant woman and the baby. For example, the risk of gestational diabetes increases and the baby may be born with too much weight.

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8. How To Promote Pregnancy? Rule out vaginal infections and diseases

If you are planning to have a child, a visit to the gynaecologist is advised. You must consult a gynaecologist for your follow-up. This will help you manage and limit infections of all kinds. Because vaginal infections such as urinary or fungal infections must be excluded before a possible pregnancy.

They can lead to miscarriage or premature birth. Also, bacteria from a fungal infection, if spread, can cause blockage of the fallopian tubes and inflammation of the abdomen – which can lead to possible infertility.

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9. How to Promote Pregnancy? Avoid stress

If you want to get pregnant quickly, you need to avoid stress at all costs. Stress remains a major cause of infertility. If the desire to have a baby is particularly strong, it can become a vicious cycle.

Too much stress means problems getting pregnant, and the desire for an unfulfilled child means stress. A very important tip for getting pregnant: don’t put yourself under pressure!

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10. Clarify the possible risks of depression

If you are planning to have a baby, it is also important to look at your own mental health. Indeed, you have to be ready for the future because managing a child is not easy. Managing a baby is too demanding

If you want a baby, therefore, you should discuss with the attending physician the possibilities of drug treatment during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and consider how depression will affect the child while living together.

11. Avoid hot baths, saunas and tight pants.

This advice is for men only. Heat, in particular, interferes with sperm production and viability – in fact, 37 degrees is already too hot. For this reason, men’s testicles are also located outside the body to provide better air circulation. In order to get pregnant quickly, you should therefore advise your partner against taking a hot bath or going to a sauna, especially during your fertile days.

12. Find the right sex position

The missionary position is not necessarily the best position to get pregnant quickly: the deeper the penis penetrates into the vagina, the greater the chances! A classic alternative is the doggy style position, in which the woman kneels in front of the man and the man inserts his penis into her vagina from behind. If you still want to use the missionary position, you can bend your legs or place them on your partner’s shoulders. In this way, the pelvis is raised and the penis can penetrate deeper into the vagina.

13. Come to the climax together

Although there is no scientific proof that a woman’s orgasm has a positive effect on fertilization, regardless of the desire for a child, sex should be pleasurable. So enjoy your privacy! If you stress yourself out, you won’t get pregnant any faster.

14. Lift your abdomen after sex

After intercourse, the woman should lie down for a while with the abdomen raised (pillow under the buttocks) to take advantage of the gravity a little. It is also a good idea to go to the toilet before intercourse and not after sex so that the sperm are not partially drained again.

15. Take herbal teas for Conception

If despite all these precautions, pregnancy does not come, then opt for herbal teas. Visit the number 1 plant health site. Click on AFRICA TISANE to discover the herbal teas that have helped millions of women to become happy mothers

How To Promote Pregnancy? One last tip

Women who want to be a mother must have received all important vaccines before becoming pregnant: especially against rubella, covid 19, measles or chickenpox.

You should also check in advance if you have ever had toxoplasmosis and therefore are immune to it. This infectious disease can cause serious damage to the unborn child during pregnancy. It can be transmitted by domestic animals and soil in gardens. In certain circumstances, a test for hepatitis B, hepatitis C or HIV is also advised (in the case of the medical professions, in the event of frequent change of partner)

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