Have Lots of Hair Naturally.
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144-How to Have Lots of Hair Naturally?

Have Lots of Hair Naturally. Hair is a component of human hair, more or less spread over the top, sides and back of the head.

They are hairs that have the particularity of covering and protecting the head. In almost all civilizations hair is of particular importance. Often an element of seduction, whether short or long, they are also a symbol of strength and power. Knowing the latter well allows you to take better care of it.

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Causes:Have Lots of Hair Naturally

Hair is a lot for your health. This becomes an important concern when the phenomenon of loss becomes more important, While it is usually natural and due to the renewal of the hair, it can also be related to other problems and other health factors.

In humans:


The excessive and lasting loss in men, also called alopecia, is predominantly hormonal in origin. Its main cause is testosterone, which turns into DHT, a hormone that accelerates hair cycles, which eventually lose density. The scalp becomes bald first at the temples, then at the forehead and at the top of the head.

External causes

Hair health in men can also be affected by a poor lifestyle, the use of aggressive shampoos or, most importantly, emotional stress. Indeed a psychological shock can have an impact at the cellular level and on the hair follicles.

In women:

hormonal imbalance

A woman experiences hormonal changes throughout her life, from the onset of her period until menopause, including pregnancy and taking hormonal contraception. These variations, drop in estrogen or sensitivity to androgens, influence the quality of the hair
external causes
Hair needs to be nourished and strengthened by a good diet and a healthy lifestyle: vitamin deficiencies promote hair loss in women. An emotional shock can also have repercussions on his hair health.

Manifestations: Having Lots of Hair Naturally

Depending on the case, hair loss can manifest itself differently.

Abrupt: This phenomenon manifests itself in particular if it is of a pathological origin or due to medical treatment.
Slow: In this case, it is often due to nutritional deficiencies
Complete: Often seen in men and rarely seen in women.
Diffuse and extensive: This is generally the case for the majority of cases of postmenopausal hair loss.
In plaque in the circumstances of areata alopecia areata

Treatments, advice and tips against hair loss

There is no miracle cure for falling. However, we can slow down its process and strengthen its hair fibres in various ways, in both sexes.

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Diet: To strengthen hair and slow hair loss, it is important to eat a diet rich in zinc and iron. Zinc is found in fish and seafood and iron in red meat and legumes. Supplementation in the form of a cure can also be beneficial. It is also good to combine vitamin D and vitamin E
Fight against stress: Finally, stress being a factor promoting loss, it is important to learn to manage it. This can involve practicing a calming sport such as yoga or, on the contrary, a sport with more cardio to let off steam. Taking care of your sleep is also a key. In case of deep stress, consulting a sophrologist or psychotherapist should be considered.

The remedy 031 To have a lot of hair naturally

It is very important to know and recognize that there are nowadays several means, several methods, tips not only to slow down hair loss but also to regrow it. Afrique Santé Bio, through research and discovery, holds a procession of the best plants. Plants have now been used to design super effective creams for the treatment and development of hair.

The Cream (Remedy 031) is not only a product for the development of the hair but also an excellent element of natural hair care. Rich in active and stimulating elements composed of leaves, castor oils, shea garlic oil, cassia siberianna and delawsonia; the product grows hair very quickly and treats head yeast infections and makes hair very bushy.

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