Remedy for Premature Ejaculation: Description Causes Symptoms: Description
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384-What Remedy for Anejaculation:Description Causes Symptoms

What Remedy for Premature Ejaculation: Description Causes. Discover the ideal remedy to say goodbye to Anejaculation. Natural and effective

What Remedy for Premature Ejaculation: Description Causes

Remedy for Anejaculation: Description Causes Symptoms

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Remedy for Premature Ejaculation: Description Causes Symptoms: Description

Anejaculation refers to the inability of a man to ejaculate despite adequate stimulation and erection. And this may or may not be accompanied by an orgasm.

It is also the absence of ejaculation through the urethral meatus with appropriate and prolonged sexual stimulation.

However, there are three types of ejaculation:

  • Retrograde ejaculation: that is to say, instead of the sperm going down, it goes back up into the bladder
  • Orgasmic ejaculation: the man has an orgasm but does not ejaculate has ejaculated, or he does but it is little
  • Ejaculation without orgasm: no orgasm and emission of sperm.

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Remedy for Premature Ejaculation: Description Causes Symptoms: Causes

All disease comes from a forced cause. But here the causes of ejaculation are rarely organic. When they are organic, then it is serious because they are the consequences of prostate surgery.

Similarly, they can also be caused by the endocrine.

More so, we have:

-The alcohol,

-psychological antidepressants

-unconscious reluctance to procreate,

– too much control which therefore leads to a loss of this control to control one’s ejaculation

– lack of desire or excitement

-deficiency in the process of sperm production

– testosterone deficiency

– an anomaly of the testicles

– pituitary gland disorder

– neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis or diabetic autonomic neuropathy;

– spinal cord trauma

– damage to the nerves controlling ejaculation

-an anomaly of the excretion pathway,

– obstruction of the ejaculatory ducts

– reactions of anxiety, disgust, fear, or guilt;

– interpersonal factors in the couple;

-consumption of some medications

-Early sexual experiences

-Sexual abuse

-Poor body image


-Worrying about premature ejaculation

-Guilty feelings that can cause you to rush through sex

Some toxic substances including tobacco, marijuana, and heroin are causes of Anejaculation

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Symptoms for Premature Ejaculation

It is difficult to recognize the symptoms of this disease. However, here is some manifestation of it:

  1. the absence of expulsion of sperm at the time of orgasm
  2. stress
  3. In these cases, psychological rather than physical factors are likely to cause the condition
  4. nerve damage

Some tests against Anejaculation

First of all, you need to confirm the diagnosis. This is done during an interrogation and a clinical assessment. When we speak of interrogation, it is an examination of the genital organs and non-medical sexologists are prohibited from touching their last.

There are times when a hormonal evaluation is done and a neurological examination is to be able to check the sensitivity of the area.

Likewise, it makes it possible to determine whether this absence of ejaculation is still there or whether it occurred according to a particular context.

Natural treatment 

First, to treat ejaculation, we go through therapy. It can be verbal, that is to say, sex therapy, or else by hypnosis, or even by the transformation of thought patterns.

The treatment for premature ejaculation is different from others. Indeed, it requires a lot of patience and motivation all because of the disorder which does not benefit from many effective treatments.

For those who want to be a dad, their sperm can be collected for artificial insemination. Or you can ask your doctor for advice. Also, you can reduce or even stop drinking alcohol or taking other over-the-counter medications.

You can also use vibrator stimulation. It causes ejaculation in about 60% of men. But this technique does not work for all men. For example in men with spinal cord injuries, it does not work.

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Risk factors

It should be recognized that various factors can increase the risk of premature ejaculation. Can we have: erectile dysfunction and emotional tension? In addition, stress can also limit the ability to relax even more to concentrate during sex.

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