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206- How to Get Pregnant ? Using Tetrapleura (4 sides) Plant to Get Pregnant

Plant to Get Pregnant: How to use 4 Sides to Get Pregnant Naturally. Please find here using fruit 4 sides for getting pregnant naturally. If you can not find 4 sides in your city, You can buy from us. In addition, fruit 4 sides are Plant to get pregnant  before and at 40 years old

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Using Tetrapleura (4 sides) Plant to Get Pregnant

Do you know the tetrapleura? This is the 4-sided fruit. Indeed, it is a fruit that has many virtues. Through this article, find out how to use this plant to become a mother at 40. Fruit 4 sides is plant to get pregnant, every time.

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What is it about  Fruit 4 Sides?

Also called the 4-sided fruit or Lindja, the esese is the fruit of the tetrapleura tetraptera. It is a plant widely used in traditional medicine. The 4-sided fruit is recognized for its many benefits in the treatment of diseases such as asthma, diabetes, hypertension, back pain, cysts, myomas etc.

It is a plant that is increasingly used in herbal medicine, particularly in the treatment of the causes of female infertility. It is an essential ingredient in preparations for therapeutic use to treat:

cysts, fibroids and myomas; blocked tubes; uterine polyps; endometriosis; the onset of cervical cancer. To learn more about the preparations made from the 4-sided fruit, you can visit our online store by clicking here

Plant to become a mother tetraptera

If you are suffering from tumours of cysts, fibroids and myomas, you can get our therapy # 11: Cysts, fibroids and myomas remedy. This is a herbal treatment that can permanently eliminate these tumors. Used by many women who have found satisfaction, the effectiveness of this therapy is no longer to be proven.

Apart from this therapy, we also have a powerful remedy for blocked tubes. This is remedy 059 : Natural remedy blocked tubes. Based on effective plants, this treatment not only allows you to unclog your tubes but also eliminate the infections created.

Plant to Get Pregnant

In addition, the tetrapleura tetrapteura has several virtues and treats a lot of diseases. Also, It is used as a spice in sauces and other preparations. Fruit of 4 sides is very effective against vaginal itching, fibrods, Fallopian tubes blocked, infection. it gives a good intimate smell to the woman, especially thanks to its perfume. It can also be used as incense to perfume the house.

NB: When you use a treatment based on this plant to get pregnant, you must stop the treatment at mid cycle

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Tetrapleura for Women Health

The effects of the 4-sided fruit on the intimate health of women

Using 4 Sides for women health

In a pot of water, add the esese (lindja or 4-sided fruit) and let it boil completely. Take an intimate bath with it. Drink it, it cleans from the inside and promotes fertility. It is widely used by some people in Africa to treat infertility in women. It cleanses the uterus of all impurities and can help you become a mother quickly if you use it correctly

Instructions for use of Tetrapleura Soak the 4-sided fruit

in 1.5 litres of water and wait 24 hours. After this time, drink 1/2 glass in the morning and evening and purge yourself every other day. After 1 week, purge 3 times, spacing out one day. At first, when you go to drink it may make you vomit, it may hurt your left side, but be a strong woman and continue with the treatment. You will see for yourself the dirt that will come out during the purge. Likewise, when you go to purge and your period is coming, it can come a lot, so don’t purge yourself indisposed.

Plant to Get Pregnant? How to get pregnant with Fruit 4 Sides

Whether you are a mature, single, or married woman, you can still carry your own child no matter your age. If you dream of becoming a mom, of having that big belly that all women dream of, now you have the solution at your fingertips. Visit our online store or join us directly through WhatsApp.

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Other Usings of Fruit 4 Sides

Fruit 4 Sides To have beautiful skin

After childbirth, you can use the 4-sided fruit to take care of mother and child. As such, put some in shea butter. Leave to prepare for a few minutes. When it is cold, invert your preparation to a jar and seal. Use the after-bath preparation as a day and night cream for mother and baby. It cleanses the complexion and protects against many skin problems.

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Fruit 4 Sides To attract luck

In Senegal, the natives believe that when the fruit 4-sided  is burned in the house like incense, it drives out evil spirits. In addition, it attracts good luck and protects the pregnant woman from miscarriages. It is also recommended to put it in your purse


Tetrapleura to definitively fight a miscarriage

Have you ever had a miscarriage?

It’s not serious. You can using 4 sides to get pregnant before

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Review on 07/02/22 by lady feranmi

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