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176-Olive oil for hemorrhoids,How to use olive oil to relieve haemorrhoids?

Olive oil for haemorrhoids
Olive oil for haemorrhoids

Olive oil for haemorrhoids. You need to try that recipe for confirmation. Pour olive oil on cotton wool and put it as a poultice all night.

Read till the end to discover.

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How to use olive oil to relieve haemorrhoids? Is it really effective in reducing pain? What other ingredients can it be combined with for greater effectiveness? And finally what are the other natural remedies to cure this disease of the rectum? What is the best cure for haemorrhoids?HowtoDeflate a Haemorrhoid? How to cure haemorrhoids Grandma’s recipe? How to get rid of haemorrhoids? Can a haemorrhoid go away on its own? What foods to avoid for haemorrhoids?

Overview: Olive oil for haemorrhoids

Generally, haemorrhoids are painful crises due to inflammation and excessive dilation of the veins in the anus or rectum.

Anatomically speaking they are produced following venous dilatations whose size differs from one individual to another.

As structures inherent in the human body, they take on a pathological appearance only when they evolve into a hemorrhoidal disease.

When we go in-depth, we note that the symptoms are at first sight the appearance of a lump just at the edge of the anus.

Then come, itching and pain (since the very irrigated and innervated wall of the anus is perfectly sensitive) followed sometimes by minimal bleeding.

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For this purpose, there are two types of haemorrhoids: external and internal.

Symptoms of the evil most often occur during internal haemorrhoids which cause discreet bleeding, inconspicuous unless on pecu roll paper.

You then feel irritation, itching and a strong urge to go to the toilet often.

There are several stages in the evolution of the disease and they even go as far as cancer.

And all because of the good things that we often abuse as men, whether it concerns sexuality, good habits, human reproduction and many others……

But fortunately, in this article, we offer you quite practical solutions to cure evil…. And again with olive oil…

So grab your reading glasses and learn…

 How to use olive oil to relieve haemorrhoids?: Olive oil for haemorrhoids

1. How does olive oil work on haemorrhoids?

Thanks to the oleocanthal contained within it, olive oil can boast analgesic properties. Thus, an identical but less effective anti-inflammatory effect than ibuprofen is produced to relieve skin pain or even facilitate healing.

As a result, the pain is reduced to a minimum, giving you more democratic and political freedom from your anus. So long live rectal independence with olive oil.

2. How to use olive oil alone for relief?

To use olive oil alone to treat haemorrhoids, you absolutely need to use olive oil poultices.

So pour olive oil on cotton wool and put it as a poultice all night on the haemorrhoid.

Have a good test…

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3. Garlic and Olive Oil for Hemorrhoids: Olive oil for haemorrhoids

Garlic and olive oil go hand in hand when it comes to treating haemorrhoids effectively.

Basically to apply a worthy combination you have to administer the garlic as a suppository.

Olive oil will act as a lubricant to facilitate penetration into the anus.

This little-known technique consists of taking at least one clove of garlic and passing them through a garlic blender to form a fairly compact paste that is mixed with olive oil and 20 drops of organic witch hazel.

In the end, we will mould suppositories half the size of your little finger and put them in saran or parchment paper.

All that remains is to put them in the refrigerator so that they solidify and voila.

It’s up to you to put it where you have it!

Good testing…

 Olive oil for anal itching: Olive oil for haemorrhoids

At the same time, the best way to use it against the background of anal itching is in a mixture of honey and beeswax. For it :

Mix equal amounts of olive oil, honey and beeswax in a bowl
Heat in the microwave until the beeswax has completely melted
Allow cooling then apply to the affected area

For more optimal efficiency, it is advisable to repeat the operation several times a day.

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 Other natural remedies to relieve haemorrhoids

1. Apple cider vinegar: Olive oil for haemorrhoids

Apple cider vinegar seems to be a very effective natural remedy for haemorrhoids. Several modes of application are possible depending on the different forms of haemorrhoids.

So in the case of external haemorrhoids, soak a cotton swab or a simple piece of cotton in slightly diluted cider vinegar.

Then gently dab the affected area and repeat the exercise two to three times a day. Your veins will automatically deflate and you will feel fast relief.

In case of internal haemorrhoids dilute a teaspoon in the morning and evening in a glass of water and drink it. This test is preventive and can be followed by people in whom the disease is chronic.

2. Coconut oil

It can be used instantly with garlic just like olive oil and the latter using it in the same way (as a suppository).

Coconut oil has powerful anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, and antioxidant properties. It then lubricates your rectum and makes bowel movements easier.

3. Essential oils: Olive oil for haemorrhoids

Essential oils are incredible partners when it comes to relieving haemorrhoid pain.

Due to their anti-inflammatory, healing and vasoconstrictor properties, they act on the origin of haemorrhoids.

Whether with helichrysum, cistus laniferous or with peppermint, the formula remains the same: mix one of these oils with vegetable oil before applying it to the anal area (haemorrhoid) with absorbent cotton.

The technique is to be practised two to three times a day after washing and bowel movements.

4. Ginger: Olive oil for haemorrhoids

Very effective natural remedy against haemorrhoids, it is simple to prepare for use in treatment.

As a prelude, you just need to extract an average amount of ginger juice and an identical amount of lemon juice.

It is used as a moisturizer on haemorrhoids.

Then we repeat the operation two or three times a day and let time do its work.

5. Baking soda: Olive oil for haemorrhoids

So for the bicarbonate approach, we already know that it is absolutely good for treating constipation and also stomach aches.

But to use it in the case of a haemorrhoid you need to apply it in a paste that you can mix with vegetable or essential oil and then gently place it on the haemorrhoid. We just have to wait for the effects.

Finally, note that taking either olive oil, coconut oil or baking soda diluted in a glass for internal use, passing through the stomach, will greatly relieve the pain caused by haemorrhoids, especially those inside the rectum!

Please note this is just an experiment. If you are not sure, move on to another method.

6. Green clay: Olive oil for haemorrhoids: Olive oil for haemorrhoids

It is recognized for its healing action. All you have to do is apply it on a clay poultice on the affected area and keep it on all night. The next day, clean with a sitz bath and repeat the operation until healed.

Here is a large batch of remedies that you just have to test to solve your haemorrhoid problems.

So take care of yourself and do yourself well!

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