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126- Baby Envy: Traditional Tips for Getting Pregnant

How to get pregnant? Grandmother’s Remedy To Make A Baby. Discover here women’s secrets to make baby. You will learn a lot of Traditional Tips To Get Pregnant. The Traditional Tips For Getting Pregnant that you will find here have already helped many women to become mothers. For more information just click on EWEBIO to contact us.

Pregnancy Formula Grandmother’s Recipe for Making a Baby

You are a woman and you are suffering from conception. You are looking for a baby that is not coming and your home is suffering. So, put all the chances on your side to boost your fertility. Don’t be afraid because the traditional tips to get pregnant work.

How to get pregnant: Magic Potion

In the traditional tips to get pregnant, there is the drinkable solution to be ingested morning and evening from the first to the last day of menstruation. This natural remedy to get pregnant is supposed to purify the fallopian tubes to facilitate the conception of the baby: water boiled with half a piece of sugar and two tablespoons of dry lavender.
There are also many recipes for enema (to be administered in the vagina with a pear) but beware of the risks of irritation of the vaginal flora. This could be detrimental to your final goal.
Finally, Vichy Celestin seems to be a big hit with our grandmothers who recommend it as the official drink for future mothers. If nothing else, you’ll gain a rosier complexion.
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How to get pregnant
How to get pregnant

Advice from grandmothers during cuddling

First of all, make sure you make love on the nights of the full moon, the star of fertility par excellence! One caveat: don’t forget your ovulation dates, which are scientifically recommended for cuddling.
In addition to the most “penetrating” positions (man on top), our ancestors strongly recommend staying with your legs in the air after coitus. The headstand position is a great classic to help the spermatozoa make their way. Do not hesitate to consult our Kamasutra of conception.
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How to get pregnant: Baby Customs

– The most famous one: don’t take a shower after sex to avoid scaring the sperm away.
– The rest of the time, don’t forget to sleep with the shutters open so you don’t lose sight of the moon (this will help regulate your cycles, for those of you who have trouble identifying your ovulation date).
Grandmother’s Tips for Making a Baby: Nutrition
Diet can help fertility. In fact, certain nutrients rich in vitamins C or E boost fertility and help you get pregnant. Thus, borage oil would reinforce the quality of the cervical mucus. Brewer’s yeast also boosts cell development and fertility. We are talking about brewer’s yeast and not beer

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