Hepatitis B
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119-Hepatitis B Natural and Effective Treatment. Causes Symptoms Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B Natural and Effective Treatment. Hepatitis are inflammations that affect the cells of the liver.

Viral diseases are mainly caused by viruses called A or B or C or E. They are also highly contagious and people carrying a virus can transmit them. However, there are different ways to protect yourself against contamination.

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Hepatitis B, the most common in the world, is transmitted mainly by contaminated blood but especially by semen or vaginal secretions. It is considered an STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection).

How to Cure Hepatitis B with Plants. Recipe Tips and Natural Treatment

SYMPTOMS Hepatitis B Natural and Effective Treatment

HBV infection is often symptomless for the vast majority of people.

In 10 to 30% of acute hepatitis, there are signs such as fatigue, nausea, vomiting, flu-like syndrome and jaundice.

About 90% of acute hepatitis B is cured

However, in almost one in 100 cases, hepatitis is fulminant and most often fatal in the absence of a transplant.

The transition to chronicity depends on age:

10% of cases in immunocompetent adults,
30 to 40% in children under 4 years old,
up to 90% in newborns, born to mothers infected with HBV, in the absence of sero vaccination within 24 hours of birth,
30 to 100% of immunocompromised subjects.

The incubation period for hepatitis B varies between 60 and 90 days.

CAUSES and Effective Treatment

01. Common causes of hepatitis

Common causes of hepatitis include the following:

Hepatitis specific viruses
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
Drugs (eg, isoniazid)

02. Less common causes of hepatitis
Rarer etiologies of hepatitis include autoimmune diseases, genetic diseases, and other viruses (eg, infectious mononucleosis virus, yellow fever virus, and cytomegalovirus) as well as leptospirosis.
Parasitic infections (eg, schistosomiasis [bilharzia], malaria, amebiasis), pyogenic infections, and abscesses can affect the liver but are not considered hepatitis.
Systemic infections and various diseases can lead to small foci of liver inflammation or necrosis. Although these nonspecific reactive hepatitis lesions may cause minor functional disturbances, they are usually asymptomatic.
Some types of infectious and non-infectious inflammation and liver infections are summarized in the Infections with liver damage table.

Natural Hepatitis B Treatments: Herbal Tea 046

It is first important to note that there is no treatment allowing the cure of hepatitis B in modern medicines.

Not all people with hepatitis B need treatment: the examinations that follow the course of the disease make it possible to direct or not towards the prescription of a treatment depending on whether hepatitis B is active, it that is, aggressive, or not. The goal of treatment for chronic hepatitis B here is to suppress viral replication, if possible before the stage of cirrhosis is reached. Only the replicative phase, therefore, deserves special therapy.

The goal of treatment is to eliminate the virus, and therefore the HBs ag in favour of the anti-HBs antibodies, a goal that is rarely achieved. So we try to stop the viral multiplication in order to decrease the activity of chronic hepatitis and accelerate the transition to the inactive carrier phase of the virus.

Our treatment

The effectiveness of this herbal tea is definitely confirmed. It is the best herbal and vegetable remedy against hepatitis B. Composed of principles such as Antiviral Tannins, Depuratives, Antioxidants etc.

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