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121- Gallstones Definition Causes Treatment Against Gallstones

Treatment Against Gallstones which eliminates Lithiasis. Here are the African plants that eliminate gallstones.

However, if you are suffering from gallstones we have a Gallstone Treatment available. Read and re-read this page because gallstones can occur in many people. These stones can be found in the bile ducts and sac

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Gallstones Treatment For Gallstones

What is the Gallbladder?

The gallbladder is a pocket-shaped organ where bile is collected and stored. It is located behind the liver. In fact, the bile produced in the liver accumulates in this pocket. So, when a meal is eaten, it is transferred to the intestines. These help to absorb certain vitamins and remove toxic substances from the body.

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What are gallstones?:Treatment Against Gallstones

Sometimes the cholesterol in the bile forms crystals in the gallbladder: these are the gallstones (also called cholelithiasis or gallstones). More rarely, these crystals can consist of bile salts. Gallstones, which form due to excess cholesterol, are on a colour scale from green to brown. The pigments are made up of bilirubin and calcium and are visible in colour ranging from dark smoky to black. The size of the stones can range from a grain of sand to a ping-pong ball.

What is the composition of a gallstone?

A gallstone is a small pebble. It’s made of :

Types of Gallstones

There are two types of gallstones which are:

Cholesterol stones. They consist only of cholesterol (when they are pure) and cholesterol and bile pigments (when they are mixed)
And pigment stones which consist of polymers of bilirubin salts (black stones) or sodium bilirubinate (brownstones)

Causes of Gallstones:Treatment Against Gallstones

Gallstones have many causes: hereditary factors, age, obesity, diabetes, excess cholesterol, etc. Older women are more often affected than men of the same age. Hormones. This problem is more common in women than in men. The risk factors are:

Fat overload
High cholesterol
Red meat abuse
White sugar abuse

Diet plays a primary role in the formation of gallstones and is known to be effective in this process. This is because eggs, fried foods, dairy products, sugary foods increase the dose of the disease and cause biliary attacks.

What are the symptoms of gallstones?

In the vast majority of cases, cholelithiasis does not cause symptoms. The stones are therefore discovered during an examination of the gallbladder, most often an ultrasound. When gallstones cause symptoms, it is either fit or colic and these are the main symptoms:

Pain that spreads to your right side after meals, which can sometimes increase and affect your arm and back.
Sudden pain in the pit of the stomach or under the ribs on the right side. Increased by breathing, it radiates to the right shoulder, the point of the scapula and the back. …
Nausea or even vomiting.
Biliary colic
It may be necessary to burp constantly.
People with gallstones often have gas problems.
Especially when eaten with fat, excessive bloating and hard stomach issues such as stones can be observed.
You may have frequent diarrhoea.
Fever for no apparent reason and dark colour of urine are also some of the symptoms.

If you have one or more of these symptoms, it may be helpful to have your gallbladder checked. The symptoms listed can sometimes be mistaken for ulcers or gastritis

Gallstones Treatment: Treatment Against Gallstones

Here are some recipes that cleanse the liver

The Homeopathic Solution

Take 2 granules of each of these remedies every two hours until improvement: Colocynthis 5CH + Magnesia phosphorica 5CH if the painful spasms are calmed by the heat and the stooped position; Dioscorea 5CH if they have calmed down while stretching.

The Proposal in Naturopathy: Treatment Against Gallstones

Choose good fats (avocado, olive, walnut and rapeseed oil, lean meats and oily fish), fruits and vegetables, and steaming.
Cut out foods high in saturated fat (dairy products, cheeses, fatty meats), sweets and cooked fats.
Limit alcohol as much as possible.
You can eat eggs, as long as they are labelled Bleu-Blanc-Cœur (because they are rich in omega 3), preferably with the barely cooked yolk.

Aromatherapy side: Treatment Against Gallstones

In the middle of a meal, at noon and in the evening, swallow a neutral tablet on which you will have placed a drop of each of the following essential oils: Rosemary verbenone, Peppermint and exotic Basil. In 10-day cure. Locally, massage two drops of pure EO of exotic basil on the skin at the level of the liver, 3 times a day.

Linden sapwood against gallstones: Treatment Against Gallstones

Lime tree sapwood, in decoction. To prepare, boil 5 sticks in 1 litre of water for 5 min, covered. Remove from heat and let infuse 10 minutes, then filter. Pour into a Thermos, add a squeeze of lemon juice and drink throughout the day. In the cure of 3 weeks, renewable after 10 days of break.

The Right Spa Treatment Against Gallstones

In the event of a recurrence, the “digestive disease and metabolic disease” treatment at Vittel, with hepatic showers, aerobics, underwater massage and drinking treatment to drain the bile ducts, may be useful.

Expert advice

Avoid large meals: it is better to eat less but more often to make the task of the gallbladder easier.

Food for Gallstones

The basic rules for the gallstones diet are simple. You have to eat light and reduce fat. The main foods are:

The mixture of olive oil and lemon added to a glass of hot water is good for the liver
It is considered useful to drink dandelion tea morning and evening after meals for 3 months
Depurative herbal teas are good for the liver

Surgery and treatment of gallbladder stones

Surgery works great for gallstones. Removal of the gallbladder (cholecystectomy) is the only lasting effective treatment for attacks of biliary colic. This surgical treatment usually requires making three small incisions in the wall of the stomach (laparoscopic technique)

How to remove a stone in the gallbladder?

Medical treatment can remove gallstones leaving the gallbladder intact. Cholesterol stones can be dissolved with the help of medicine, ursodeoxycholic acid, which is taken by mouth thus avoiding surgery. In addition, herbal teas also work and eliminate gallstones quickly.

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How To Dissolve Gallbladder Stones Naturally?

Dandelion promotes bile production and elimination. It purifies the liver and eliminates stones. Just do a 21-day dandelion cure to get rid of gallstones

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