Djeka Leaves And Its Benefits
Diseases and Treatments

134- Djeka Leaves And Its Benefits: Diseases Treated By Djeka

Djeka Leaves And Its Benefits is useful in many case especially unlock fallopian tubes in a short time without side effects. Get the plant now

Djeka leaves and its benefits: diseases treated by Djeka

Djeka leaves and its benefits: diseases treated by Djeka. The list of diseases cured by djeka leaves is very long. You will discover the leave without forgetting how to use djeka leaves to get pregnant. There is also how to take djeka leaves to unclog blocked proboscis naturally. Moreover, because of its intimate benefits for women, djeka leaves are also called stick tight or glued tight or stick to me. The names Djeka, djeka and djeka designate the same plant with the botanical name alchornea cordifolia called KlanMadu in goun and fon in Benin

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Feuilles de Djeka ou Coller Serrer

Les feuilles de Djeka est la feuilles de l’arbre alchornéa cordifolia. Djeka ou « coller serrer » est un antibiotique très efficace qui a fait ses preuves. Les  feuilles et les graines de djeka permettent de nettoyer le ventre et d’éliminer les plaies dues à la grossesse. Le sexe étant une arme efficace dans le couple, il est essentiel de l’entretenir afin de le maintenir sain et propre


Djeka leaves and its benefits: diseases treated by djeka

The list is long. However, here are some diseases cured by the Djeka. Djeka leaves treat vaginal infections. Djeka seeds are even more effective than the leaves. The seeds or leaves of djeka perfume and tighten the vagina. Djeka leaves help:

  • Remove foul-smelling white discharge
  • Tighten the Secret Garden
  • Alleviates and relieves painful periods
  • Eradicate the secret garden itch
  • Remove bad smells from the secret garden
  • Heals lower abdomen wounds after childbirth

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Djeka leaves and its benefits: Find out How to use them?

1-Wash the djeka leaves and boil them for 5 to 10 minutes then, let the juice cool and use it for personal hygiene.
2-Oo put the lukewarm infusion in a bucket and do the sitz bath to benefit from these virtues.

3-The leaves are also consumed lukewarm, as an infusion by future and new brides and also by women who have just given birth. It can be drunk lukewarm, cool to taste.
4-Make an intimate toilet with this wonderful plant, twice a week. The leaf for more efficiency can be combined with gongoli


By Ezekiel Honvou

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