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105-Gongoli and Benefits : The Virtues of Gongoli Uses of Gongoli

The Benefits of Gongoli. Gongoli is one of the most used natural aphrodisiacs in Africa. It is a root called in French the vetiver. Thus it is used in many African cultures. However the plant naturally lubricates and perfumes the vagina and prevents urinary tract infections. This is the of nature. Gongoli has many importance that you don’t know. To know more about Gongoli just contact us.
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What is Gongoli? The Benefits of Gongoli

Gongoli is a plant with a thousand virtues. Gongoli allows to clean the bladder and to give a very good body smell. So it can be done at any time in the couple. To take regularly an infusion containing Gongoli makes it possible to avoid the early menopause to attenuate the painful menstrual periods and to regularize the menstrual periods. Men can also take an infusion of Gongoli. Thus the use of Gongoli is not recommended for pregnant women.


The Virtues of Gongoli The Benefits of Gongoli

Therefore for the virtues we have :
Gongoli stimulates desire, frigidity, and helps remedy vaginal dryness. The plant gives life to the sexual frolics. It helps to lubricate naturally the vagina during the sexual intercourse and gives a good smell to the vaginal secretions.
– Stimulates the liver, cleans and detoxifies the entire reproductive system
– Prevents and acts against urinary infections
– Fights frigidity, vaginitis, vaginal dryness and itching
– Get rid of bad intimate odors
– Aphrodisiac
– Alleviates acne
– Firms vaginal muscles and uterine mucosa
– Relieves digestive problems
– Anti-hemorrhagic and rich in iron

Benefits of Gongoli and Virtues of Gongoli

The root of Gongoli is used by African women. It comes from a plant with large green tufts. However these roots sink into the ground and can sometimes reach more than 3 meters deep. As long as powerful, they contain the most properties. For a better conservation, they are harvested then dried and braided.
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Gongoli: Pelvic Pain Shield and Postpartum Treatment

Gongoli remains one of the least known natural treatments in the world to relieve pain related to childbirth or painful periods. However, it is extremely effective. Indeed, after childbirth, women are prone to certain internal injuries in the belly. The consumption of vetiver allows to clean the body and to relieve these discomforts. Thanks to its antiseptic properties, it cleans and purifies the body, ridding it of toxins. It is a real miracle plant for women who have just given birth. It participates in the stimulation of the blood flow in the pelvic region and the uterus. Better still, it facilitates the return of childbirth, i.e. the resumption of menstruation after childbirth.
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Gongoli to prepare the body before pregnancy

To prepare your body for conception, prevent miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies, the consumption of gongoli is widely recommended. Thanks to its antiseptic properties, it detoxifies the entire reproductive system and puts you in good conditions to have a healthy, full-term pregnancy without complications. In addition to being a fertility booster, it will provide your body with the essential nutrients for its proper functioning and the good health of your future baby.


The Benefits of Gongoli
The Benefits of Gongoli

Gongoli: a preventive care against urinary and vaginal infections

Super cleanser, the African vetiver can be used as a preventive against vaginal and urinary infections. It is also to be preferred to eliminate the bad intimate odors, the vaginitis and to relieve the vaginal dryness. Moreover, it tightens the vaginal muscles as well as the uterine mucous membrane. It is particularly interesting for sexually active menopausal women because it contributes to the proper humification of the vagina.
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Vetiver to heal wounds
In some African villages, the disinfectant, antibacterial and antiseptic properties of vetiver root are used to treat infected wounds. It is also used to remove pathogens from water. The traditional way of using vetiver roots to treat wounds is to make a powder with the dry roots and apply it to the lesions. This helps to disinfect them and accelerate healing.
The virtues of Gongoli: Gongoli eliminates cellulite and excess fat
Little known for their diuretic effects, vetiver roots have a real draining power. This gives them the ability to rid the body of toxins but also of excess water present in the tissues, most often the cause of cellulite. If you suffer from water retention or if you have tried several remedies in vain against cellulite, vetiver could well be the “miracle” remedy for you.
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The virtues of Gongoli: A natural aphrodisiac and libido booster

This brings us to the most popular use of vetiver, especially among African women. Indeed, it is associated with gongoli aphrodisiac virtues. First of all, it is a natural lubricant and allows to increase tenfold the pleasure during the sexual act. On the continent it is also called “man catcher”. It is very famous for its capacity to facilitate the first intimate relations. Then, it is used to fight in a natural way the female frigidity and stimulates the libido.
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Uses and virtues of Gongoli:

– Rinse the plants
– Boil the mixture for 15 minutes in 2 liters of water (preferably spring water)
– Drink a cup in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening 1 hour after the last meal
– Store the mixture in the refrigerator for 1 week and reheat in a saucepan to drink (not in the microwave)

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