How To Treat Hydrocele Naturally?
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146- Hydrocele and Treatments: How to Treat Hydrocele Naturally?

How To Treat Hydrocele Naturally? Hydrocele and Treatments. If you or your child suffers from hydrocele, then no longer wonder how to cure hydrocele naturally?

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What is the testicle?

The testes are male genitals that are found in the scrotum at the base of the penis. A man has two testicles that are symmetrical. they are ovoid in shape with a long axis oriented downwards and backwards. Each testicle is made up of two faces (medial and lateral), two edges (anterior and posterior) and two poles (superior or cranial and inferior or caudal). The testicle is suspended from a so-called testicular or spermatic cord which contains the spermatic vessels and nerves and the vas deferens which runs from the tail of the epididymis to the base of the prostate. They manufacture sperm and produce testosterone, the male hormone.

Anatomy of the Testes

The testicle is made up of:

tough fibrous envelope, tunica albuginea;
partitions that contain cells that produce testosterone and lobules in which the spermatic pathways are located;
semen excretory tract: convoluted seminiferous tubules, straight seminiferous tubules, and efferent tubules that empty into the epididymal duct
Hydrocele Definition: How To Treat This Testicular Disease

What is a testicular hydrocele?: How To Treat Hydrocele Naturally?

Hydrocele (testicular or vaginal) is a pathology of the testes. It is characterized by an accumulation of fluid in the vagina (bursa) surrounding the testicles. We have several types of hydrocele: congenital hydrocele, reactive hydrocele, right hydrocele, left hydrocele, unilateral hydrocele, bilateral hydrocele

What is Reaction Hydrocele: How To Treat Hydrocele Naturally?

Hydrocele is an effusion of fluid in the bursa surrounding the testicles. It is said to be reactive if it is not a hydrocele by birth. and manifests itself in an increase in the volume of scholarships. Indeed, it is a hydrocele that occurs in adults without identifying the cause, or maybe secondary to trauma, infection, or even more rarely cancer.

What is communicating hydrocele or hydrocele in babies?

The communicating hydrocele is the baby’s hydrocele. This often happens when a baby boy is delivered. Indeed, during the development of the fetus, the testes descend from the abdominal cavity into the bursa via a small canal (called the peritoneal-vaginal canal) which generally closes a little before birth or in the months that follow. However, sometimes this duct does not close completely and allows serous fluid to flow out which will collect in one or both testicles. It is a mild disease characterized by an accumulation of fluid in the bursa. If it can resolve spontaneously, sometimes a small intervention is necessary to empty the vagina

Right, left or bilateral hydrocele?

Testicular hydrocele does not necessarily occur on both testes. We will speak of unilateral hydrocele if only one testicle is affected and bilateral if both testicles are involved.

Symptoms of a Hydrocele

Hydrocele is generally manifested by a more or less significant increase in the volume of one or both bursaries. It is most often not painful, but its presence can be bothersome.

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Causes of hydrocele

This disease often happens “without an obvious cause”, slips Doctor Antoine Faix, or “then after an infection of the testicle”. Moreover, it is not possible to prevent its occurrence.

Diagnosis: differentiate a hydrocele from a hernia

The diagnosis is made by palpation of the bursae and the use of a simple test: transillumination. The doctor places a lamp just behind the purse and sees if the ray of light is passing through it. A hydrocele indeed lets light through which is not the case with a hernia for example. An ultrasound should also be ordered to confirm the diagnosis and check for the absence of a testicular tumour.

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Hydrocele and Treatments: How to Treat Hydrocele

The operation to Treat a Hydrocele in Children

Surgical treatment is used in children with communicating hydrocele. This technique consists of incising the bursa, aspirating the fluid and suturing the communication between the bursa and the abdominal cavity.

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How To Treat Hydrocele In Adults?

In adults, treatment for hydrocele depends on the cause. In the event of persistent hydrocele without a found cause, intervention is often necessary, especially if it becomes embarrassing, painful or unsightly. After the operation, the testicles regain their usual functions and their flexibility in two to three months.

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How To Treat Hydrocele Naturally?

Try an Epsom salt bath

Take a very hot bath with at least a cup of Epsom salt.

Relax in the bath for at least 15 to 20 minutes, spreading your legs slightly so that the water can bathe the scrotum. The heat of the water can stimulate the movement of body fluids and help resolve the blockage while the salt helps draw fluid through the skin and reduce swelling.

If your hydrocele is causing pain, you could make inflammation and symptoms worse if you expose your scrotum to hot water (or any heat source).
Do not take a bath that is too hot to avoid scalding yourself, and do not stay too long in the tub to avoid becoming dehydrated.

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