Natural Splenomegaly Treatment
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145: Spleen Splenomegaly Natural Treatment

Natural Splenomegaly Treatment Plant To Treat the Spleen to discover on the number 1 site for African herbal teas and the best recipes.

Indeed, Splenomegaly is a disease that affects the spleen and therefore the immune system. Herbal tea 145: Spleen Splenomegaly Natural Treatment Splenomegaly treats splenomegaly and purifies the spleen.

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What is the Spleen? Natural Splenomegaly Treatment

The spleen is a spongy, soft organ about the size of a fist located in the upper left abdomen, below the diaphragm. Indeed, it is located in the upper left quadrant of the abdomen, just below the rib cage.

The spleen is supplied with blood through the splenic artery, which brings blood from the heart to it. It is an organ belonging to the immune system. It filters the blood, eliminates and recycles used red blood cells. In addition, the spleen is the place of production of white blood cells responsible for immune defence.

What is the normal volume of the spleen?

The spleen is enlarged when two of its dimensions are abnormal (normal values: 12 to 14 cm for the major axis [length], 4 to 8 cm for the transverse axis [thickness], 6 to 12 cm for the axis anteroposterior [width])

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Functions of the Spleen and Natural Treatment Splenomegaly

The functions of the Rate are:

Regulate blood flow.
Storage function within the red pulp: thus, it contains up to 2/3 of the body’s platelet reserves.
It plays a role in infiltration: the macrophages contained in the red pulp of the spleen eliminate red blood cells and platelets when they are abnormal or aged, broken, worn or defective.

The second functions

The spleen performs an immune function within the white pulp, as in the lymph nodes, involving white blood cells (T lymphocytes, and B lymphocytes which produce antibodies) and macrophages which destroy by phagocytosis the pathogens supplied by the blood.
It was also, between the 3rd and 5th month of uterine life, a hematopoietic organ, that is to say, producing blood cells. It can become so again in certain pathological situations.

Natural Splenomegaly Treatment

Spleen Splenomegaly Natural Treatment Splenomegaly

What is Splenomegaly? Natural Splenomegaly Treatment

Splenomegaly is an increase (enlargement) of the spleen. This anomaly only affects the spleen. So we talk about splenomegaly when the spleen becomes palpable, while it is not normal.

An enlarged spleen, or splenomegaly, is the symptom of various pathologies, mainly haematological, hepatic or infectious. The increase in the volume of the spleen is most often related to one of the functions it performs

Causes of splenomegaly

Several diseases can be the cause of splenomegaly, most often related to a function of the spleen which is related to them. The increase in the volume of the spleen may thus be linked to an increase in the number of its cells and blood vessels. Among these different causes we can list:

Hepatitis B or hepatitis C
Covid 19
Sickle cell anaemia
Viral diseases
Red blood cell disorder

However, the origin of splenomegaly can sometimes remain unknown, especially in tropical areas of the world. Due to the various infectious and parasitic diseases that plague the area.

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How to Recognize Splenomegaly?

Splenomegaly is most often painless, with no particular symptoms. But some sometimes describe the pain and a feeling of heaviness in the upper left region of the abdomen. Splenomegaly may show up incidentally during physical examination, or through functional disturbances such as heaviness or pain between the chest and abdomen. In this case, the pain increases on deep inspiration.

Various changes in the blood work may also raise suspicion of splenomegaly. More rarely, it can be revealed by a splenic infarction or a rupture of the spleen, or a picture of hemorrhagic shock. Indeed when the volume of the spleen increases too much, too many blood cells and platelets are stored by the latter. This subsequently causes a decrease in the concentration of these cells in the blood. Likewise, this overdose of storage may obstruct the spleen and slow down functioning.

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The consequences of a splenomegaly

There is anaemia and a decrease in natural defences due to the decrease in white blood cells and red blood cells. Likewise, he may have cases of bleeding due to low blood platelets.

One of the possible complications of splenomegaly is splenic infarction. This is manifested by pain in the flank, or the base of the thorax left side. Often a fever is also present

Finally, in the event of significant enlargement of the spleen, the latter can tear and cause significant internal bleeding that threatens the life of the patient.

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How do you know if you have splenomegaly?

In general. splenomegaly is diagnosed during a doctor’s visit during the physical examination. Indeed, the enlarged spleen is detected by the doctor by palpation of the abdomen, under the left ribs. However, an abdominal ultrasound can confirm the diagnosis and clarify the importance of the condition.

If you are affected by this condition, then here is a natural remedy that can cure you. With this remedy, the spleen will completely lose volume and return to normal.

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Natural remedy for splenomegaly

Ingredients :

The root of the King of Herbs


Method of preparation and instructions for use

Make a decoction of the root and drink a bamboo glass morning and evening for 6 months

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Benefits for some people living with HIV / AIDS



Helps relieve constipation

Use it as an extract; boil and drink the decoction. Should be used in small amounts, stop immediately if cramps or diarrhoea occur


Helps relieve nausea and aids digestion; has an antiseptic function on sore mouth

Add to foods to treat nausea and digestive problems. Use as a gargle for sore mouth


The flowers have an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and healing function. Has an action on infections of the upper part of the digestive tract

Use compresses to treat infected wounds. In herbal tea, to promote digestion


Facilitates digestive functions, relieves pain, diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting and acts on the loss of appetite

Add to food during cooking or prepare as a herbal tea


Stimulates appetite, helps fight infection, treats ulcers and intestinal inflammation

Add a pinch to raw or cooked food. For an energy drink, add to fruit juice or water


Aids digestion and relieves nausea

Prepare a herbal tea with the leaves and flowers and drink several cups a day


Effective against colds and in case of fatigue after the flu or a cold. Also used when the person is cold, in case of diarrhoea and nausea. Stimulates the appetite. Gently stimulates the digestive system, promoting intestinal transit

To add to dishes or herbal tea, in particular, cinnamon ginger tea for pneumonia or tuberculosis (see recipe in Annex 1)


Stimulates appetite, helps with difficult digestion, relieves diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting

Used in soups, stews, hot juices and herbal teas


Opens the appetite and reduces gas, has bactericidal and antifungal properties

Add the leaves to the dishes


Has an anti-bacterial function, in particular on the lungs and in cases of bronchitis. Eucalyptus oil, obtained from the leaves, increases blood flow and reduces symptoms of inflammation

Prepare a herbal tea from the leaves or with extract (see recipe in Annex 1)


Open the appetite, fight flatulence and expel gas

Use it as a spice on food or use the seeds to make herbal tea. Only use it in small amounts


Has an antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal function, especially in the intestinal tract, lungs and vagina. Aids digestion and reduces the feeling of weakness. Also good for thrush, throat infections, herpes and diarrhoea

In herbal tea or energy drink (see recipe in Annex 1) or in the kitchen


Improves digestion, energizes, relieves diarrhoea and stimulates appetite. Used for the treatment of colds, flu and nausea

Use either as a spice in dishes or herbal tea (see recipe in Annex 1)


Has anti-bacterial properties and aids digestion

Add lemon juice to food or drink


Has a calming effect, soothes digestion and calms stress

To drink as a herbal tea


Has an anti-inflammatory effect and aids digestion

To drink in herbal tea or as a gargle for sore mouth. Chew mint leaves to aid digestion


Drops the temperature

Take a fresh twig of neem, remove the leaves and boil the bark in water, drink it as an infusion. The bark can also be chewed


Reduces intestinal colic. Stimulates gastric secretions and opens the appetite. The seeds are used in cases of water retention

Eat raw or cooked with food


Acts against nausea. Reduces colic (abdominal pain and cramps), acts on diarrhoea and stops vomiting. Used to relieve tension and against insomnia

In infusion, boil the leaves for about 10 minutes. In addition to the dishes. (It is easy to grow this plant in the garden or a pot near the house)


Has an antiseptic and antifungal function. Relieves nervous cough and increases mucous membrane secretions. Stimulates digestion and the development of good intestinal flora

As a gargle or mouthwash, douching or infusion (particularly effective for the intestine)


Has digestive, antiseptic and antioxidant properties

Used as a powder in rice, cereals, etc.


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