Amenorrhea Definition Forms Causes
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065- Amenorrhea Definition Forms Causes and Treatment

Amenorrhea Definition Forms Causes is full of natural treatment to cure Amenorrhea quickly and so many other diseases. Discover the treatment.

Amenorrhea Definition Forms Causes and Treatment

Amenorrhea forms causes treatment. Discover Amenorrhea its forms, causes and possible natural treatments.

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By Ezekiel Honvou

Amenorrhea Definition Forms Causes: What is Amenorrhea?

What is called amenorrhea is the absence of menstruation in a woman at the time of conception. This phenomenon can last for at least six months in a row. The causes can be numerous and depending on them, the treatment to follow will be one or the other.

What are the forms of amenorrhea

* Primary amenorrhea: it manifests itself by the absence of periods in a woman who has already reached the age of 15 years. She has undergone other normal changes that occur during puberty.

* Secondary amenorrhea: we speak of this amenorrhea when a woman stops having her menstrual cycles for a long period (4 to 6 months).

What are the symptoms of amenorrhea?

After a few experiences, the symptoms that may appear during menorrhagia are: weight gain or loss, night sweats, change in sleep, headache, lack of menstruation, lack of hormones in the vagina and onset of acne on the body.

What are the main causes of amenorrhea?

Excess weight: with excess weight, the body: with excess weight, the body can produce a large amount of estrogen which regulates the female system. This large amount of estrogen can affect your period.

Polycystic ovary syndrome: Polycystic ovaries contain a small amount of fluid and are unable to produce eggs properly.

Menopause: Menopause is one of the natural causes of menorrhea. At this point, ovulation is again very brief. In fact, it takes a long time for this to happen.

Fear: Fear often disrupts a woman’s menstrual period. However, there is a precariousness of cycles. Fear can cause painful periods.

Pregnancy: this is the main cause among the others. After sexual activity, when pregnancy occurs, the onset of cycles is no longer noticeable.

To prevent amenorrhea, a woman’s body stops producing eggs.

Amenorrhea forms causes treatment

Amenorrhea is treated very differently today. For some specialists, contraceptive methods can restore the absence of menstruation. In some cases, surgery is used to cure it if the cause is a tumor. The only way to prevent this disease is to know how to manage a life saving. You have to pay attention to your diet (eat balanced foods), sleep at the right times. Tobacco and alcohol consumption should be reviewed or, better yet, abandoned altogether if possible.

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