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Natural Hepatitis B Treatments: Herbal Tea 046

It is first important to note that there is no treatment allowing the cure of hepatitis B in modern medicines.

Not all people with hepatitis B need treatment: the examinations that follow the course of the disease make it possible to direct or not towards the prescription of a treatment depending on whether hepatitis B is active, it that is, aggressive, or not. The goal of treatment for chronic hepatitis B here is to suppress viral replication, if possible before the stage of cirrhosis is reached. Only the replicative phase therefore deserves special therapy.

The goal of treatment is to eliminate the virus, and therefore the HBs ag in favor of the anti HBs antibodies, a goal that is rarely achieved. So we try to stop the viral multiplication in order to decrease the activity of chronic hepatitis and accelerate the transition to the inactive carrier phase of the virus. So we put La Tisane 046 at your disposal.

The effectiveness of this herbal tea is definitely confirmed. It is the best herbal and vegetable remedy against hepatitis B. Composed of principles such as Antiviral Tannins, Depuratives, Antioxidants etc.