Please do discover one remedy to treat fibroid

Removing a fibroid naturally with Lady Gloria

Removing a fibroid naturally with Lady Gloria

Lady Gloria shows you how to get rid of a fibroid, other than by surgery, and in a more natural way

Removing a fibroid naturally! The expert’s answer applied by Lady Gloria

Fibroma, apart from its genetic factors, is expressed in a certain way because of an excess of estrogen (a female hormone). For this reason, Lady Gloria recommends a hormone test to measure the level of estrogen without forgetting the level of progesterone.

Strategy of Lady Gloria. Lady Gloria advises you

– Eliminate or reduce all sources of estrogen and especially animal fat where these hormones store.

– You must consume animal products and by-products with moderation and care.

– Reduce oestrogen-like foods (beer, soy…), medicines including the pill.

– Drain the liver thanks to plants, Rosemary or Professor Zougnon’s herbal tea 226, to promote the elimination of hormones.

– Lose weight with herbal tea 226 to destock the estrogens contained in body fat.

– Burn calories through exercise

– By exercises and the 130 herbal tea of Professor Zougnon improve your circulation and promote detoxification and elimination of waste, even during menstruation in a moderate way.

– Please use plants that help the circulation in the small basin such as raspberry for example. Take care not to be constipated.

– Apply warm (or ice) compresses to painful areas to help relieve pain.

– Acupuncture, massage, homeopathy can also help.

– The galattier (Vitex agnus-castus), a progesterone-like plant can rebalance the hormonal balance.

– Costus afer (cane of twins) plant rich in progesterone and full of virtues.

– Essential oil ova for vaginal use prepared in pharmacies can also help reduce fibroma.

– Do not miss to take the herbal tea 010 Tumorex from Central Africa Bio

Get enough vitamin D

Vitamin D may help reduce your risk of fibroids by almost 32 percent Trusted Source. Your body makes this “sunshine vitamin” naturally when your skin’s exposed to sunlight. If you have darker skin or live in cooler climates, you’re more likely to be deficient.

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