Remedy 071: Pipi in bed, Nocturnal enuresis.


Pipi in bed, Nocturnal enuresis. We have an effictive remedy for heal it. This herbal tea is easy to use by everybody. It is the best remedy


Remedy 071: Pipi in bed, Nocturnal enuresis.

Stop pipi in bed with this herbal tea.The remedy for pipi in bed is intended for big children and adults who continue to piss in bed. These are people who are unable to control urination in a sleeping state. The reflex wakes you up and goes pissing somewhere else does not work properly. La Tisane N ° 071: bedwetting is a radical remedy against evil.


CompositionsPlant extracts
Active ingredients-Astringent elements, potassium, magnesium,
PresentationPowder in a pot or pouch
ManualRead the leaflet
DirectionsPipi in bed or enuresis in adults
Side effectsNo
Duration of treatmentThree months renewable
Price30 euros



-powder in 50g sachet or pot


-Extracts of plants

Active ingredients

Price: 30 €

Therapeutic effects.

Herbal tea N ° 071 : bedwetting is an antidiuretic astringent intended for older children and adults who continue to piss in bed. Herbal tea  N ° 071: bedwetting greatly reduces nighttime urination and blocks the secretion of urine for almost 8 hours of time, that is all night. Herbal tea  N ° 071: bedwetting reduces kidney activity by reducing the amount of urine produced in the body during the night by the kidneys. Thus the bladder fills with less urine during the night. The herbal tea is rich in vital potassium which is a mineral essential to the proper functioning of the body in general and of the kidneys in particular. Herbal tea   N ° 071: bedwetting intervenes in the transmission of nerve impulses, muscular contraction and the correct functioning of the renal function. It works wonderfully and the reflex pissing in the night will come slowly even before the end of treatment.


Wet the bed

Manual :

Take a teaspoonful over the evening meal.

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