Remedy 001: Balm for pain, rheumatism, drepanocytosis, Rheumatoid


This balm cures many pains like  rheumatism-drepanocytosis-rheumatoid-arthritis.  Useful for household.

 Balm for pain, rheumatism, drepanocytosis

A natural product, very effective for any kind of pain.

Balm for pain is an ointment rich in essential oil; It treats all kinds of pain, rheumatism, flu, sinusitis, sea sickness, etc.

Product details

CompositionEssences of plants, oil of nigella
Active substancesSedative, anesthetic and retarding tannins.
Presentation Ointment in Pot of 25ml
Directions for useRead the leaflet
Side effectsnone
Treatment durationAt will

Balm for pain, the solution to all your muscular, neuralgic, joint pain, etc.


  • Ointment in a pot of 25ml


-Essence Plant, essential oil and plant extracts (neem, mint, camphor, cajeput, clove, ginger, eucalyptus, lemon, securidaca, lantana camara, etc.), Olive oil, shea butter, vaseline and also nigella, etc.

Active substances

Tannins, heteroside, methyl salicylate, nigella oil, vegetable essences etc.

Price: 5 €


This balm is not only an  anti-inflammatory but also an antiseptic balm, with a balanced and beneficial composition in plant essences. Based of Camphor and clove warm, menthol, cajeput refresh and  other products, this balm also calms and  relieves any kind of inflammation.

Indeed, Camphor facilitates the oxygenation of the tissues. It also stimulates the adrenals and has antiseptic and analgesic qualities effective against blows and blues. In addition to its digestive properties, Mint is associated with camphor for its ability to refresh the body.

In fact, Cajeput is of Chinese origin, it means “white wood” in  Asian language. Further, a soft essential oil with antiseptic properties is obtained.  Also, securidaca has anti-inflammatory properties on the nervous plane.  Additionally, neem oil activates blood circulation and reduces painful muscle contractions, especially on smooth muscles.

Eucalyptus effectively combats cough and  also cold. The super balm is soft to the application, it is used simply in soft or hard massage and in inhalation. In fact, the superb balm has proved its worth in RCI, Gabon, Benin and on other continents.

Side effects

Even more , a few cases of irritation have been reported for sensitive skin.


Muscle, joint and nerve pain, tension and muscle spasms, migraines and headaches, insect bites and mosquito, flu, cold, cough, fever, sprains, athlete’s foot, side points, sinusitis, sciatica, lumbago , rheumatism, dizziness, sea sickness, toothache, sore throat, tonsillitis, hiccups, abscesses, boils, paronychia, itching, colds, bruises and also stiffness of the back, etc.


The super balm is forbidden for children under 5 years unless you mix it equally with the shea butter. Same for pregnant women because of its content of essential oil and methyl salicylate. For this reason, do not apply to eyes, mucous membranes and irritated skin.

Directions for use :

-Massage, inhalation, friction, etc.

  • Read the package leaflet that accompanies the product.

Note: Super balm has been on the market for more than 30 years. Indeed, this balm has proved its worth in many countries and has not finished doing wonders. So, everyone must have it at home to act promptly in the face of  daily pain of the family. That is to be foreseeable.

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