Remedy 027:Love cream cures impotence, frigidity for best life sex.


Love cream makes it possible to fuck properly. The love  cream of love makes it possible to bend harder for long time. The love  cream allows to recover easily after the sexual act.


Remedy 027:Love cream cures impotence, frigidity for best life sex.

Love cream cures premature ejaculation, impotence, weakness. Our  Love cream   is the Cream-Ointment for men that will prolong sexual intercourse. But, woman can use to fuck hard with her man.  Love cream  a Medecinal Cream that is a very mild non-toxic topical desensitizer with a love cream-based composition specially composed of powerful and natural herbs to give you a erection longer but also a bigger penis and especially longer too. Creme 100% natural is an effective ointment. It is the best life sex for men and women, young or older.

N B: Love Cream , natural sexual stimulant is a mixed aphrodisiac that the man or woman can use with many sexual satisfactions

Beneficial effect

Raise libido and fuck properly.. He Helps to strengthen the erection and also Increases sexual stamina,

Love cream improves blood flow to the penis. The love cream reduces fatigue and restores energy


CompositionsOrganic vegetable extracts
PropertiesErection hard as wood
Active ingredientsTannins astringent, toning and stimulating.
IndicationsFrigidity, sexual weakness, low libido, soft erection, impotence, frequent sexual breakdown.
PresentationPot ointment
ManualRead the leaflet
Side effectsno
Duration of treatmentPunctual
Price20 euros


NB: Remedy 027: Love Cream, sexual stimulant facilitates the sexual enjoyment and the attachment between partner. Durable relationship and good sex.


-Pump in 15ml jar


-Extracts of 7 vegetable revulsives, rubefiants, stimulants rich in plant hormones and pheromones

Active ingredients Phenolic acid, betaine, phytosterols, echinacoside,

Price: 20 €

The therapeutic effects of the ointment.

The ointment emits an odor that stimulates the senses and acts olfactively on the encephalic nerve centers thus exalting sexual desires. So simply by inhaling the product, your sexual senses are stimulated and by its application on the rod, on the clitoris or in the vagina, one obtains a rubefiante action causing an influx of blood of the genitals and a rise of the adrenaline Thus preparing all your being for carnal action. The rubefing action activates the circulation of the blood at the level of the genitourinary system by causing the excitation of the genitals in both man and woman. In case of impotence of a psychic nature, its application on the glans facilitates the erection through the stimulation reflected on the nervous receptors. The ointment activates the sexual secretions: the prostatic fluid and the sperm in the man and the vaginal secretions in the woman. In case of sexual disregard the effect is really irresistible and the natural impulse will irrevocably direct you towards your sexual partner. Good for couples who have lost the taste of sex. This unites couples and gives them the desire to be always together. If you have a wandering husband, try and I let you enjoy the suite.


Loss of sex drive, sex drive, impotence, sexual weakness, lack of sexual secretion, sperm deficiency, vaginal dryness, etc.

Manual :


Spend a little of the ointment on the penis and massage gently, about 30 minutes before the sexual act.


Put the ointment on the clitoris and in the vagina, about 30 minutes before the carnal act.

NB: The very fact of breathing the ointment excites you.

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